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We accept many types of items, including (but not limited to):

Clothing.png Gently Used or New Clothing, Accessories & Shoes
HouseholdItems.png Household Items: Bakeware, Dishes, Plates, Glasses
SmallAppliances.png Small Appliances: Blenders, Toasters, Microwaves
Miscellaneous.png Miscellaneous: Jewelry, DVD's, Luggage, Frames, Pictures, Records
Books.png Books
Toys.png Toys: Stuffed Animals, Games, Action Figures, Dolls
SportingGoods.png Sporting Goods: check here for acceptable items/times
Electronics.png Electronics: Radios, VCR's, DVD Players
CurtainsBedding.png Bedding: Quilts, Blankets, Curtains, Sheets, Linens
Seasonal.png Seasonal Items: check here for acceptable items/times
  • Items must be in clean, resalable and working condition.
  • We cannot accept items that are broken, missing pieces, disassembled, dismantled, damaged or in need of repair.
  • All clothing - gently worn or new - should be free from tears or stains (nothing needing mending).
  • All breakable items should be wrapped and boxed to avoid breakage, labeled “FRAGILE”.
  • Items will be accepted at the discretion of the driver (If your item is found to be non- acceptable, the driver will leave behind the item and a slip with the reason why it was not accepted).

Non-Acceptable Items




We do not accept weapons of any kind.

Hazardous Materials

Batteries, paints, chemicals, cleaning products, poisons, any liquids, etc.

Construction Materials

Lumber, pipes, floors, tubs, cabinets, carpet, doors, windows, screens, doors, industrial size power tools or gas powered outdoor tools, toilets, etc. Anything that needs to be installed.

Flammable Products

Any items that operate on or contain fuel including: gasoline, propane cylinders, BBQ Grills, lawn mowers, weed trimmers, camp stoves, tiki torches, fireworks, etc. 

Note: Even if items do not have fuel or a gas tank, we do not accept them.


Large furniture over 50 pounds or too large for one person to carry. Items made from particle board or anything upholstered.  Love seats, overstuffed chairs, couches, hutches, entertainment centers, china cabinets, dressers, pianos, credenzas or any desks of any kind (children or adult), glass furniture (including glass doors or glass shelving) and office furniture of any kind. Ceiling fans, carpeting, or anything that would need to be installed.

Beds and Bedding Parts

Any type of bed or mattress, including an inflatable mattress, mattress pads, memory foam covers, futons, box springs.

Note: We do take wooden head board and foot boards, however we do not accept metal rails or frames.

Televisions and Computer Monitors

Large televisions in cabinets, CRT tube televisions, projector televisions, and monitors.  

Note: We do accept LCD, LED or plasma flat screens up to 27 inches wide.

Infant/Child Products

Car seats, booster seats, cribs, swings, bassinets, strollers, walkers, exersaucers, play gyms, changing tables, porta cribs, highchairs, diapers cloth or disposable, bottles yard or motorized toys, etc.

Large Appliances

Refrigerators, dishwashers, furnaces, stoves, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or any major appliances.

Marine Vessels

We do not take any kind of Marine Vessel.

Swimming Pools

We do not take any kind of swimming pool, including small child and inflatable pools or water slides.

Swing sets, food, pets, pet items, etc.

BBQ grills, patio tables, outdoor furniture cushions, basketball hoops, pool tables, ping pong tables, bikes (with missing parts, flat tires or rust), power wheels, greeting cards, hangers, fireplace accessories.


Encyclopedias, National Geographic magazines, magazines of any kind, textbooks, newspapers, etc. All other books are acceptable.

Healthcare Products

Eyeglasses, shower chairs, commodes, motorized wheelchairs, hospital beds.

Household Goods

Mirrors of any size, window screens, installed doors, doors, industrial size power tools or gas powered outdoor tools, toiletries of any kind, any installed home fixtures, vanity/sink sets, window blinds/shades or curtain rods, etc.


We hate to say “no thank you” to a donation. However, items that cannot be used, must be disposed of or recycled. This raises our costs and impacts the programs and services we provide to people with Epilepsy. Please dispose of your non-acceptable items through an alternative responsible resource, such as your local recycling center.

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