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FAQ for Donating to Epilepsy Foundation of New England

Q - Is my donation tax deductible?

A - Yes, your donations are tax deductible! For your convenience, our driver will leave a tax receipt taped to your door or mailbox. In addition, when you schedule a pickup via our online form, we will email you a tax receipt. If you donate at one of our drop off locations our attendant will hand you a tax receipt for your donation. You can also find a tax receipt here.


Q - I have a lot of miscellaneous stuff to donate - will you take it all?

A - The good news is that we take a wide variety of stuff, from clothing to household items to small furniture. But we don’t take it all. The list of what we DO take is way too big to put on paper, so instead we have created a list of items we DON’T accept. Please take a look at this list here. If you still have questions, please call us at 888-322-8209 and speak to one of our agents.


Q - Do you accept really heavy things like TVs and big furniture??

A - Our trucks are staffed with only one driver so the maximum weight of items we will accept is 50 pounds. TV’s are only accepted if they are flat screen, under 27” and in working order.


Q - Do I need to label my stuff for you?

A - Yes! Please affix the green card you received in the mail or a sign somewhere on your items that says “Epilepsy Foundation” or “EF”. This way, our drivers will be sure to collect the items that wish to be donated.


Q - I forgot to put out my stuff for pickup. Can I reschedule?

A - We understand that this happens from time to time. To reschedule, please call us at 888-322-8209.


Q - I scheduled a pickup but my stuff was not taken. What happened?

A - There are a couple of possible reasons your donation was not taken. It could have been because it was not labeled correctly. It could be that the driver couldn’t find your house or donation. It could be that the items were not something we accept. The driver should leave a “sorry slip” for items we do not take or if nothing was left out. But regardless, we’d love to make it right. Please call us at 888-322-8209 to talk to one of our agents.

Q - Are you hiring at the Donation Center?
A - Yes, we are always looking for committed people to join our team. Please see our Careers page for open opportunities.